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Organic, Polymer and Biomaterials Chemistry
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Our research is in the area of Organic Chemistry with emphasis on the design, synthesis and study of molecules with novel molecular structure and chemical properties. We are interested in fundamental aspects of electronic structure and its dependence on the size ranging from fraction of nanometer to several nanometers. The specific ongoing research projects are high-spin organic molecules and polymers as building blocks for organic magnets, organic radicals as contrast agents for biomedical imaging, and chiral π-conjugated molecules.

The objective is to prepare new class of organic materials with magnetic, conducting and optical properties.

High Spin Molecules and Polymers:
Current Support: NSF CHE1665256 | CHE1362454
Stable Organic Radicals for Biomedical and Biophysical Applications:
Current Support: NIH 1R01GM124310-01 | 1R01EB019950-01A1 | 1R01CA220468-01 (PI: Johnson, MIT)
Previous Support: MPSDC | 5R21EB018529-02 (PI: Johnson, MIT)
Chiral Molecules and Polymers:

Students in our group can expect to receive training in multi-step organic synthesis and physical measurements of organic materials and biomaterials, including significant exposure to one or more of the following specialties: polymer and macromolecule synthesis with light scattering characterization, asymmetric synthesis with chirooptical characterization, synthesis of magnetic materials and biomaterials with magnetic and electron paramagnetic resonance characterization. Our laboratory is well equipped with excellent Research Facilities.

Graduate students: Prospective graduate students are welcome to e-mail Prof. Rajca for more information about ongoing research projects or apply to the Chemistry Graduate Program.
Undergraduates: Interested sophomores or juniors are very welcome to visit our lab and learn more about our research.
Postdoctoral Associates: Information will be posted when funding for a position is available. Visiting fellows with supports from other funding sources are always welcome.

Contact Information:
Andrzej Rajca
Department of Chemistry
University of Nebraska
Lincoln, NE 68588-0304
+1-402-472-9196 (office)
+1-402-472-9388 (Lab)