Raman Microscope

We have finally got one of the most desirable equipment – Raman Microscope with 532 nm laser. Now it is as easy as 1-2-3 to check if graphene flake has one, two or more layers. The measurement lasts only 30 seconds.

The DXR Raman microscope delivers exceptional spatial resolution, together with the reliability, performance and reproducibility required in demanding analytical environments. Designed for versatility, the DXR Raman microscope makes it as easy as possible to get high quality results.

  • Class I laser-safe design for use in non-restricted environments
  • Up to three excitation wavelengths for optimal results with demanding samples
  • Patented autoalignment system for highest optimal performance
  • Rapid, automated, multi-point calibration for confidence in sample identification
  • Patented autoexposure and autofocus for true point and shoot Raman spectroscopy
  • 1 μm x, y spatial resolution and 2 μm depth resolution
  • Laser Power Regulator to assure reproducible laser power at sample
  • True confocal design
  • Superb visual quality
  • Compatible with a full range of high-quality Olympus microscope components