Videos by, about, and with the assistance of Mark Griep

Listed according to the number of times they’ve been viewed as of May 2022.

1. Dr. Rachel Lloyd segment from “The Woman Who Saved the Space Race (And Other Unsung Scientists) from 2015. Dr. Raychelle Burks is the host of this ACS Reactions video. Burks used an early version of my departmental history as the source for the Lloyd segment. I provided a 5-sec video segment. Burks and the Reaction crew did a great job because this one has over 195,000 views!

2. The Sharing Cycle of Science Learning from 2017. My collaborators and I created this video about our tribal college collaboration for the 2017 STEMforAll Video Showcase sponsored by the National Science Foundation. This 2:50 min video has over 6800 views.

3. Using Hollywood Movies to Teach Chemistry Formally and Informally from 2011. My 9:50 min presentation in the “Hollywood Chemistry” symposium at the Spring 2011 ACS Meeting. This video has over 1100 views.

4. Hollywood Chemistry symposium. This video (1 hour 49 min) includes all the speakers in this symposium at the Spring 2011 ACS Meeting hosted by ACS President Nancy Jackson. My segment is also available separately as Video #3 above. Over 480 views.

5. A Chemist’s Time Capsule from May 2014. Marilyne Stains was the host for this 4:46 min video about the search for a photograph of Dr. Rachel Lloyd in the Avery Hall time capsule on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus. Over 410 views.

6. States of Matter sequence from “Swimming in Nebraska,” a video essay about creativity by Jon Jost, 2010. Over 340 views.

7. Century-Old Time Capsule Exposes Forgotten NU History from January 2018. My lecture about the contents in the Avery Hall Time Capsule for the Nebraska History Museum’s Brown Bag Lecture Series. Over 280 views.

8. Dr. Rachel Lloyd and the Avery Hall Chemistry Time Capsule from February 2020. My lecture about the Dr. Rachel Lloyd and the Avery Hall Time Capsule for UNL SciPop Talks!. Over 190 views.

9. Using Movies to Teach Chemistry Formally and Informally from the UNL SciCommm 2015 workshop (11:50 min). Over 140 views.

10. Mark Griep ReAction! Chemistry in the Movies, a 5:57-min interview by Keith Kostecka of the American Chemical Society Chicago Section in 2013. Over 120 views.

Last updated May 2022.