2021 Chem 105 SciComm Infographics

Infographics: Over 270 students in my Fall 2021 Chemistry & the Citizen class created infographics about chemistry in Nebraska. Their task was to explain the chemistry we learned in a way that the public could understand. The following brave students gave me permission to share their work – 2 about Nebraska’s niobium deposits, 6 about ruminant methane, 4 about the AltEn ecological disaster, and 3 about Nebraska’s climate change.


Mackenzie Clason, Methane in Livestock


Caitlin Copenhaver, Nebraska and Climate Change


Leah Deckinger, Methane Management in Livestock


Alex Falkinburg, The Impact of Neonicotinoids on Ecosystems


Mikayla Gross, AltEn Ethanol Disaster Infographic


Kjersten Hyberger, Climate Change Linked to Nebraska Agriculture


Trinity Lovings, Nebraska’s Niobium Deposits


Lillie Mixan, Climate Change Across the Globe


Victoria Mykhaylyshyn, Managing Ruminant Methane


Kenneth Palausky, AltEn Ethanol Plant Disaster


Jacob Polk, Nebraska’s Niobium Deposits


Izze Schwab, AltEnd Corn Ethanol Disaster


Chandra Spangler, Cattle Methane Emissions


Lauren Trauernicht, The Lowdown on Methane


Tony Ward, Electricity Production from Hog Waste