2020 Chem 105 SciComm Infographics & Videos

Infographics: Over 300 students in my Fall 2020 Chemistry & the Citizen class created infographics about chemistry in Nebraska. Their task was to explain the chemistry we learned in a way that the public could understand. The following brave students gave me permission to share their work – 1 about carbon black, 4 about climate change, and 9 about ruminant methane. Learn about cow burps!

Infographic Videos: Over 300 students in my class also created video explaining their infographics. Five brave students gave me permission to share their work – 1 about climate change, and 4 about ruminant methane.

Honors Video: The last item is a 5-min video created by Chloe Hammond who contracted for honors credit. She created a video about “Radioisotopes¬†for Myocardial Perfusion Imaging.” Learn about safely using radioactive technitium to observe blood flowing through the heart!


Madalyn Aquino, Carbon Black in Nebraska


Skylar Conrad, Climate Change in Nebraska: Chemical Sources of Global Warming


Sarah Eberspacher, Managing Ruminate Methane in Nebraska


Jessica Gray, Climate Change in Nebraska, Now and In the Future 


Caitlin Havelka, Livestock Methane


Syndney Hiatt, Climate Change in Nebraska


TaraLee Hudson, Managing Ruminant Methane in Nebraska


Johanna Ilves, Managing Ruminant Methane


Dominic Johnson, Ruminant Methane


Delaney Jumps, Ruminant Methane in Nebraska


Bennett Perlinger, How Producers Manage Methane Produced by Livestock


Kyle Schumacher, Managing Ruminant Methane


Sagan Smith, Soybeans and Climate Change


Infographic Videos:

Carbon Black in Nebraska, by Madalyn Aquino, https://youtu.be/Yy93kmj69fU

Climate Change in Nebraska, by Skylar Conrad, https://youtu.be/yHx_ZG2C-sw

Managing Ruminant Methane, by Kaitlyn Dozler, https://youtu.be/vAptZGeSDEo

Ruminant Methane, by Dominic Johnson, https://youtu.be/vAMN2IIylDM

Managing Ruminant Methane, by Kyle Schumacher, https://youtu.be/Sb342Lwhd9I

Managing Livestock Methane, by Emily Zimmer, https://youtu.be/L3TmU-bNdho


Honors Video:

Chloe Hammond, Honors Project — Radioisotopes for Myocardial Perfusion Imaging