2022 Chem 105 SciComm Infographics

Infographics: Over 300 students in my Fall 2023 Chemistry & the Citizen class created infographics about chemistry in Nebraska. Their task was to explain the chemistry we learned in a way that the public could understand. The following brave students gave me permission to share their work – 7 about Nebraska’s niobium deposits, 11 about livestock methane, 6 about the AltEn ecological disaster, and 11 about Nebraska’s climate change.


Ava Barajas, Livestock Methane


Grace Belter, AltEn Plant Disaster: Corn Ethanol

Ryan Brown, AltEn Corn Ethanol Plant Disaster

Jadyn Chasek, Nebraska’s Climate Change Report

Haile Christofferson, Climate Change Nebraska

Adam Dreger, Managing Livestock Methane

Zaria Dunbar, Managing Livestock Methane

Emily Eilers, 3-NOP: A Win-Win for Farmers

Daniel Frey, Niobium in Nebraska

Victor Gaunt, Niobium in Nebraska!

Ridge Gerstberger, Ethanol Plant Disaster in Mead, NE

Hannah Havlik, Managing Livestock Methane

Morgan Holdorf, Managing Livestock Methane

Alexis Jansen, Livestock Methane and its Impact in Nebraska

Samantha Kluthe, Climate Change and Its Impact on Nebraska

Piper Kramer, Nebraska Climate Change

Olivia Krause, The AltEn Ethanol Plant Disaster

Kendall Le Phung, Nebraska 2014 Climate Change Report

Abigail Lutjelusche, Flipping the Script on Cattle & Emissions

Taylor McClatchey, Niobium in Nebraska

Ellie McDonald, Climate Change in Nebraska 2023

Alexis Moslander, Climate Change in Nebraska (2014 Report)

Ciara Nelson, Niobium in Nebraska

Brynna Oxley, Niobium in Nebraska

Cornelio Raza, Climate Change in Nebraska

Caleb Ries, Nebraska’s Niobium Deposits

Mallery Schultz, Managing Livestock Methane in Nebraska

Zoey Schultz, Climate Change in Nebraska: Sources and Impacts

Cassidy Skillett, AltEn Ethanol Disaster

Lauren Spray, AltEn Corn Ethanol Plant Disaster

Abby Stalder, Nebraska’s Niobium Deposits

Megan Thiebauth, Implications of Climate Change in Nebraska

Megann Timm, Climate Change in Nebraska

Bree Vasquez Glover, How is the Climate Changing in Nebraska

Nick Weitzenkamp, Methane in Cattle: How Methane Is Managed in the Beef Industry

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