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Liangcheng Du

PhD, Royal Vet and Ag University, Copenhagen, Denmark

Postdoc, University of California, Davis

Research in the Du group is at the interface of chemistry and biology. Specifically, we are studying the molecular mechanisms by which organisms (bacteria, fungi and plants) make structurally complex, biologically active natural products. Our goal is to use this knowledge to produce new bioactive products through genetic engineering. The studies involve tools and knowledge from biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, and chemistry.

PhD Student

Vishakha Jayasekera

BS, Institute of Chemistry Ceylon

Genome mining for new bioactive natural products; molecular mechanisms for biosynthesis and regulation.

PhD Student

Nike Idowu

Osun State University

Molecular mechanisms for transport and biosynthesis of bioactive natural products.

PhD Student

Shankar Ganesh

 BS, MS, Amrita University

Metabolic engineering of biosynthetic gene clusters for new antibiotics and pathogenicty-related natural products.

PhD Student

Pinky Chowdhury

BS, University of Chittagong; MS, Konkuk University

Synthetic biology in Lysobacter to produce new cyclic lipodepsipeptide antibiotics.

PhD Student

Ruth Sesi

BS, University of Cape Coast

Genome mining for new bioactive natural products.

Undergraduate Student

Serena Jentz

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

New bioactive natural products from Lysobacter.

Undergraduate Student

Emma Cook

Tulsa Community College, Oklahoma


Effects of small signaling molecules on growth, antibiotic production, and gliding motility of Lysobacter.