UNL Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physical Sciences (WoPhyS ’16)

WoPhyS 2016 – Eighth Annual Conference
“Be Like Jill”
Thursday, Oct. 27 – Saturday, Oct. 29, 2016″

Conference Chair: Dr. Rebecca Y. Lai

 Conference co-Chair: Elena Echeverria

 Gretchen Campbell, University of Maryland

 Sarah Demers, Yale University

  Joan Dreiling, National Institute of Standards and Technology

  Rui He, University of Northern Iowa

  Lucie B. Johannes, Johnson Space Center, NASA

  Gabriella Jordan, Handel Group

  Rebecca Lai, UNL

  Anne Marie March, Argonne National Laboratory

  Tiffany Santos, HGST (A Western Digital Company)

  Sally Seidel, University of New Mexico

  Christina Wilson, Doane University