“SciPop” Outreach Activities

Sci Pop Talks! Where Science Intersects Pop Culture

Organized by Prof. Lai, Prof. Ramesh Laungani (Doane College), Prof. Dan Claes (UNL Physics), Kiyomi Deads (UNL Love Library)

SciPop Talks! 2017 was featured on Lincoln Journal Star!

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2018 Special Fall Talk

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Among Us II
Rebecca Lai (UNL) (Nov 7)

2018 Lecture Series

1. The Story of Chocolate (Nutrition & Sensory Qualities)
Marilynn Schnepf (UNL) (Feb 7)

2. Drug Discovery in the Movies: Fact & Fiction
Mark Griep (UNL) (Feb 21)

3. Physics of the Flash
Dan Claes (UNL) (Feb 28)

4. The Science of Self: How Gender Bias & Mindsets Influence the Inner Scientist
Trish Wonch Hill (UNL) (Mar 7)

2017 Fall Special Talk

From Broomsticks to Flying Machines – The Aerodynamics of Hayao Miyazaki
Sangjin Ryu (UNL) (Oct 18)

2017 Lecture Series


1. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Among Us
Rebecca Lai (UNL)(Feb 1)

2. I [heart] Red: Are humans hard-wired to perceive certain colors?
Mark Griep (UNL) (Feb 8)

3. Comic Book Physics: The Multiverse (and Other Dimensions)
Dan Claes (UNL)(Feb 15)

4. The Healing Power of Plants
Ellen Paparozzi (UNL) (Feb 22)

5. Antioxidants: The Need-To-Know
Changmou Xu (UNL) (Mar 1)

2016 Lecture Series

SciPop Cosmetic Chem

1. Brace New Matter for a Brace New Work: Shapeshifting & Invisibility
Jocelyn Bosley (UNL)(Feb 3)

2. Memes, You’re Doing It Wrong
Brad Elder (Doane University) (Feb 10)

3. From Ents to Groot: Can Tree Talk?
Ramesh Laugani (Doane University) (Feb 17)

4. Cosmetic Science: The Beauty of Chemistry
Rebecca Lai (UNL) (Feb 24)

5. The Science (and Art) of Running 100 Miles
Angie Hodge (UNL) (Mar 9)

6. Batman vs. Superman
Dan Claes (UNL) (Mar 16)

2015 Special Fall Talk

(video) Nightmares of Spiders

RMatt Wilkins (UNL)

2015 Lecture Series

1. (video) The Art & Science of Fermented Foods

Robert Hutkins (UNL)

2. Innovation in Textiles: From Garbage to Fashion

Yiqui Yang (UNL)

3. (video) The Radioactive Origins of Marvel Comics

Dan Claes (UNL)

4. (video) Fire & Explosions in Hollywood Films 

Brad Elder (Doane College)

5. (video) Biomechanics Technology: From Pop Culture to Rehabilitation

Sara Myers (UNO)

6. (video) March Madness: Bracketology of Women’s Basketball

Jeff Griesch (UNL Athletics)

7. (video) A Song of Ice & Fire & Chemistry

Dr. Raychelle Burks (Doane College)

2014 Special Fall Talk


(video) Vampires vs. Zombies: Battle of the Undead

Rebecca Lai and Raychelle Burks

2014 Lecture Series

1. The Story of Chocolate: Nutrition and Sensory Qualities

Marilyn Schnepf (UNL)

2. (video) Chemistry to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Raychelle Burks (Doane College)

3. Alien Biochemistry in the Movies

Mark Griep (UNL)

4. Making ‘Inception’ Real

Ramesh Laungani (Doane College)

5. Forensics Science: Fact or Fiction

Ashley Hall (UNL)

6. Book 8: Harry Potter and the Magic of Science

Rebecca Lai (UNL)

7. Game Theory and Breaking Bad

Kristopher Williams (Doane College)

8. Interview with the Vampire – Decoded by Scientists

Rebecca Lai (UNL)