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Pittcon 2014
Rapid Determination of Rate Constants and Binding Constants for Solution-Phase Drug-Protein Interactions by Ultrafast Affinity Chromatography
Xiwei Zheng, Zhao Li, Maria I. Podariu,  David S. Hage Xiwei Zheng-Pittcon(kinetic studies) March 2014
Pittcon 2014
Kinetic Studies of Drug-Protein Interactions Using High-Performance Affinity Microcolumns and Peak Profiling
Zhao Li, David S. Hage pittcon poster update-Z Li - dsh edits 2
Pittcon 2014
Analysis of Drug Binding with Soluble Proteins by Ultrafast Affinity Chromatography Using Immobilized Alpha 1-Acid Glycoprotein
Sandya R. Beeram, Xiwei Zheng, David S. Hage Sandya__poster-pittcon_2014 final
Pittcon 2014
Use of Entrapment to Prepare Columns Containing Alpha 1-Acid Glycoprotein for Rapid Studies of Drug-Protein Binding by High Performance Affinity Chromatography
Cong Bi, Rong Li, David S. Hage  Poster final draft for Pittcon_CPB
Pittcon 2014
Analysis of the Metabolic Effects of Diabetes on the Structure and Function of Glycated Human Serum Albumin
Ryan Matsuda, K.S. Joseph, Jeanethe Anguizola, Omar Barnaby, Venkata Kolli, Eric D. Dodds, Ronald Cerny, David S. Hage Pittcon Diabetes Final 1
Pittcon 2014
Detection of Emerging Contaminants in Water by a Displacement Assay Based on High-Performance Affinity Chromatography
Ryan Matsuda, So-Hwang Kye, Christopher White II, Elliott Rodriguez, Donald Jobe, Daniel Snow, David S. Hage Pittcon Water Study Final