Group Members

Mattie Peck

Doctoral Candidate

Mattie graduated from the University of South Dakota-Vermillion with a B.S. in Chemistry.  Her research has focused on the synthesis and characterization of the different compositions of the ZnNiO mixed metal oxide system.  She is currently writing her dissertation.

Daniel Wilson

Graduate Research Associate

Daniel graduated from the University of Indianapolis with his B.S. in Chemistry.  His research deals with the different synthetic approaches for a number of mixed metal oxide systems.  He also computational models these systems for qualitative and quantitative comparisons.

Mathew Kumbier

Graduate Research Associate

Mathew graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh with a B.S. in Chemistry.  His research focuses on using mixed metal oxides for the decomposition and remediation of aqueous organic contaminants.

Joe Eggers

Graduate Research Associate

Joe graduated from the University of Nebraska-Omaha with a B.S. in Chemistry.  His research utilizes surface characterization techniques for the analysis of a number of mixed metal oxide systems.  He is currently using XPS and SIMS for sample characterization studies.

Kshitij Gurung

Graduate Research Associate

Kshitij graduated from the University of Minnesota with his B.S. in Chemistry. His research focuses on solid solution metal oxides and the catalytic potential of these materials.


Previous Group Members and Alumni

Harry G. Flores, Ph.D.

Graduate (2005 – 2010), now a Senior Scientist at Savannah River National Laboratory.
Dissertation – “Characteristics and Stability of Oxide Films on Plutonium Surfaces.” Link

Bernard J. Kronschnabel, M.S.

Graduate (2005 – 2007), now a Senior Engineer at Cascade Earth Sciences.
Thesis – “Graphite and Carbide Catalysts for Contaminant Remediation.”

Karen Gaskell, Ph.D.

Post-Doctoral Researcher (2004 – 2005), now an Associate Research Scientist at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Evgueni Kadossov, Ph.D.

Post-Doctoral Researcher (2005 – 2006), now a Research Chemist at XploSafe LLC.

Sarah C. Petitto, Ph.D.

Graduate (2000 – 2005), now an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at St. Cloud State University, Minnesota.
Dissertation – “The Effects of Impurities and Defects on Transition Metal Oxide Surfaces, Co3O4(110) and NiO(100).” Link

Cynthia M. Woodbridge, Ph.D.

Graduate (1996 – 2002), now an Associate Professor of Chemistry at Baker University, Kansas.
Dissertation – “HREELS and DFT Studies of Ferrocene Adsorption on Ag(100).” Link

David L. Pugmire, Ph.D.

Graduate (1995 – 2000), now an Interfacial Science Team Leader at Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Dissertation – “Nickelocene Adsorption and Decomposition on Single Crystal Surfaces.” Link

Michael W. Nydegger, M.S.

Graduate (1996 – 1999), now an Assistant Professor at Winona State University, Minnesota.
MS Thesis – “X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy of CoO and NiO Solid Solutions.”

Gregory A. Carson, Ph.D.

Graduate (1991 – 1997).
Dissertation – “Defects on Transition Metal Oxide Surfaces.” Link

Daniel D. Snow, Ph.D.

Graduate (1988 – 1996), now an Assistant Professor and Water Faculty Area Leader at University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Dissertation – “Geochemistry, Hydrology, and Environmental Applications of Uranium-Series Nuclides in the Platte River Drainage Basin.” Link

Cindy L. Berrie, B.S.

Undergraduate (1991 – 1992), now an Associate Professor at Kansas University.
B.S. Thesis – “Auger Parameters in a series of Barium Salts.”

Kurt W. Wulser, Ph.D.

Graduate (1985 – 1991), now a Researcher and Instrumentation Specialist at University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
M.S. Thesis – “Construction of a High Resolution Electron Energy Loss Spectrometer (HREELS) and Testing Results from a CO/Fe(110) System.”
Dissertation – “High Resolution Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy Studies of Nickel Oxide(100) Using a Novel Deconvolution Algorithm.” Link

Ronald P. Furstenau, M.S.

Graduate (1983 – 1984), now an Assistant Professor at the U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado.
M.S. Thesis – “Surface Chemistry of Ni(100).”