About Dr. Langell

MLangellDr. Marjorie A. Langell is the Charles Bessey Professor of Chemistry at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  She received her B.S. in Chemistry, summa cum laude, from the University of Connecticut and her Ph.D. from Princeton University under the supervision of Dr. Steven Bernasek. Following a Post-Doctoral research position at UC Berkeley with Dr. Gabor Somorjai, she began her tenure here at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  In addition to her professorship, she is also serving as a Program Director at the National Science Foundation in Washington DC until 2016.

Dr. Langell’s research interests include the nanoparticle and surface chemistry of transition metal oxides (TMOs), particularly those related to materials applications and heterogeneous catalysis. Work is focused on the study of gas-solid interactions of TMO compounds by electron spectroscopies, thermal desorption, SIMS and LEED techniques under ultrahigh vacuum conditions. Interpretation of experimental results is aided by ab initio HF and DFT computational studies.

Dr. Langell’s C.V.