Former Group Members

Ruchira Liyanage

Himansu Mohapatra

Piotr Ordon

Zhandos Utegulov

Christine DeVries (2007 PhD)
Assistant Professor - Wartburg College, Waverly, IA

Rick Albro (2006 PhD)
Research Chemist – Naval Air Warfare Center, China Lake, CA

James J. Haycraft (2006 PhD)
Research Chemist – Naval Air Warfare Center, China Lake, CA

Lewis Stevens (2006 PhD)
Post Doctoral Fellow – Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM

Jon Selbo (2000 PhD)
Staff Scientist – Pfizer, St. Louis, MO

Alex Moser (1998 PhD)
Staff Scientist - Sensor Research and Development Corp., Carmillo, CA

Chris Sandstedt (1998 PhD)
Post Doctoral Fellow - Cal Tech, Director of Optics Research - Calhoun Corp., Pasadena, CA

David Swanson (1995 PhD)
NSF-NATO Postdoctoral Fellow – Director of Research Computing, UNL

Nate Peachey (1994 PhD)
ESD Engineering Manager - RF Micro Devices, North Carolina

Sal Bonafede (1993 PhD)
Staff Scientist - MCNC Electronic and Information Technologies, Raleigh, NC

Joel Sartwell (1992 PhD)
Staff Scientist - Missouri Department of Wildlife Management, Columbia, MO

Robert Dye (1989 PhD)
Post Doctoral Fellow – Los Alamos National Laboratory, Group Leader (Energetic Materials) - Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM

Marty Morrow (1988 PhD)
Staff Scientist – Bandag Corp., Moline, IL

Paul Ries (1988 PhD)
Manager - Development and Commercial Processes Center, Dow Chemical, Midland, MI, Dow Outstanding Scientist Award, 1990

Miguel Tristani-Kendra (1984 PhD)
Product Development Scientist – Imation Corp., Oakdale, MN

Mark Jordan (1980 PhD)
Network Computer Consultant – Exxon Upstream Technical Computing Co., Houston, TX

Leo Nichols (1976 PhD)
Division Environmental Specialist – Northern Natural Gas, Des Moines, IA

Karl-Heinz Brose (1988 PhD)
President, Brose Computer, Detroit, MI

Ken White (1986 PhD)
Technical Manager – 3M Corp., St. Paul, MN, NSF Predoctoral Fellow

Tom Anderson (1985 PhD)
General and Operations Manager – Wide Bandgap Materials Group, II-VI Incorporated, Pine Brook, NJ

Jack Merski (1979 PhD)
Staff Scientist – 3M Corp, St. Paul, MN (deceased)

I-Fu Hung (1974 PhD)
Professor - National Tai Chi University, Taiwan

Russ Pennelly , (1972 PhD)
CEO/Owner - Roger’s Camping Trailers Inc., Fremont, CA

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