Current Members

Education Background
Research Interests
zeng Principal Investigator

Xiao Cheng Zeng
Ph.D. Ohio State University

Research activities in my group are mainly focused on three areas: (1) computational and theoretical studies of liquids and confined fluids, water (ice) in particular, and related topics such as interfaces, hydrophobicity, wetting, melting, surface tensions, nucleation, and solvation. (2) Structural evolution of clusters (in particular Au, Si, B and water), and nanocatalysis. (3) Computer-aided design and study of nanostructured materials (nanotubes, nanofilms, nanoribbons and nanoparticles).
Yinglu JiaGraduate Student

Yinglu Jia
M.E. Xi’an Jiaotong University

 Ab initio studies of ferroic and energy materials.

Graduate Student

Jiaxian Li
M.S. Zhejiang Normal University

Molecular dynamic simulation of water or hydrate under nano confinement. /Interface /Dewetting/ Nanobubles