Dr. Cheung dedicates his effort to provide excellent student learning experiences in chemistry at UNL. He has taught a variety of chemistry courses. The levels of these courses range from undergraduate level, undergraduate honor level, to graduate level. Below is a list of past chemistry courses taught by Dr. Cheung at UNL.

  1. Fundamental Chemistry I and II, CHEM 113 and 114 (U)
  2. Skincare Chemistry: An introduction, CHEM 192H (U)
  3. Physical Chemistry I: Quantum Chemistry, CHEM 481 (U/G)
  4. Physical Chemistry Measurements, CHEM 484 (U/G)
  5. Nanomaterials Chemistry, CHEM 991J (G)
  6. Scanning Force Microscopy, CHEM 991J (G)

U: Undergraduate level; G; Graduate level; G: